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Control Medical Marijuana Cultivation in Trinity County

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Restrictions

Since 2008, Trinity County has experienced a devastating increase in the number of illegal marijuana gardens in our neighborhoods. Most operate under the guise of California's medical marijuana laws, but in reality, they are growing marijuana solely for profit.

In 2012, the Trinity County Board of Supervisors adopted a land use ordinance that places strict limits on medical marijuana cultivation throughout Trinity County. It is thanks to concerned citizens like you that this ordinance is in place.

The medical marijuana cultivation ordinance is a significant step towards ridding our neighborhoods of illegal marijuana and restoring our quality of life. We clearly have the law on our side.

Marijuana Law Enforcement

The challenge now is to ensure our laws are enforced. The focus of this website has been changed accordingly.

Please believe that our health and well-being depend on you, the good citizens of Trinity County, to raise your voices to let the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commissioners, Sheriff and other County Officials know that illegal marijuana cultivation will no longer be tolerated.

What You Can Do

This website is the result of a collaborative effort by concerned Trinity County citizens like you, representing nearly every district in our County. Our goals are to: let you know you are not alone, keep you informed on the latest marijuana-related developments that affect Trinity County, and encourage you to speak up and make your voices heard.

We are making progress, but we must keep the pressure on.

This is the place where we will let you know when it is especially important for you to speak up. Together we will make a difference.

No "marijuana-specific" County decisions are scheduled at this time.
Be vigilant about reporting illegal grows in your neighborhood by going to this link "Enforcement" which explains how the process works.





































































Our Motto

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   

Margaret Mead


Board of Supervisors

Keith Groves - District 1
Judy Morris - District 2
Karl Fisher - District 3
Bill Burton - District 4
John Fenley - District 5
Vacant - CAO & Clerk to BOS
District Maps - County website


Planning Commissioners:      

Vacant - District 1
Graham Matthews - District 2
Diana Stewart - District 3
John Bower - District 4
Dan Frasier - District 5



Other Department:

Carson Anderson - Senior Planner
Richard Tippett - Director D.O.T.
Sheriff Department - Bruce Haney
Environmental Health - P. Hedtke