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Marijuana Laws


Find the current laws controlling medical marijuana in Trinity County and California.

In the County:


Cultivation Ordinance

Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Parcel size determines plant limit requirement.

A max of 8 plants under any circumstances.


Dispensary Ordinance

Permanent prohibition of marijuana dispensaries


Zoning Ordinances:

Links to County Zoning website


County Codes:

Links to County Codes website


Chapter 8.55   Medical Cannabis 
Chapter 8.90   Fines & Penalties


In the State:


Proposition 215:


The Compassionate Use Act, 1996


Senate Bill 420:

The Medical Marijuana Program, 2004

AG Guidelines:

For the Security and Non-diversion of        Marijuana Grown for Medical Use, 2008


AG Guidelines:


For the Security and Non-diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use, 2011 Draft Update


AB 2650:


Limit on Dispensary Proximity to Schools, 2011


In the Nation:


D.O.J. Memo


U.S. Department of Justice Guidance for Jurisdictions Seeking to Authorize Marijuana

for Medical Use, June 2011

D.O.J. Open Letter U.S. Department of Justice - A.T.F. Prohibits the sales of guns and ammunition to marijuana users regardless of prop. 215





































































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Board of Supervisors

Keith Groves - District 1
Judy Morris - District 2
Karl Fisher - District 3
Bill Burton - District 4
John Fenley - District 5
Wendy Tyler - CAO & Clerk to BOS
District Maps - County website


Planning Commissioners:      

Kyle Brown- District 1
Graham Matthews - District 2
Diana Stewart - District 3
Tom McKnight - District 4
Dan Frasier - District 5



Other Department:

Frank Lynch - Senior Planner
Richard Tippett - Director D.O.T.
Sheriff Department - Bruce Haney
Environmental Health - P. Hedtke